OUR Story

Fruits & Seeds Hair Food was founded in 2022 by Medical Doctor, Ornella Flavien. Originally from Saint Lucia, she undertook a journey to become a medical doctor, a journey that would lead her to study abroad in Chicago, Illinois. Unfamiliar with the four seasons, our founder Dr. Flavien came to a harsh reality of how jarring the weather affected her hair. In desperate need of hair products that nourished and hydrated her hair during winter, summer, spring and autumn, Fruits & Seeds Hair food was founded. She was inspired to create her own hair care line after formulating a Leave in conditioning spray that was able to combat dry hair in harsh weather conditions. Dr. Flavien has an amazing work ethic and would not stop at any course until she was able to develop a hairline that worked on all hair types, porosities, curls, coils and kinks. With undeniable passion for educating others about proper care of their natural hair, she was determined to develop this product line so that others can feel their most beautiful and confident in the hair that god has graced them with. 2020, was an important year for our founder as she herself underwent a life changing decision- a decision to cut all her hair and embrace the beauty that God has given her. It was hard for her at first to embrace the TWA look but she soon came to the reality that beauty is not your hair but the person and the personality. Dr. Flavien, a self trained Formulator has spent an infinite number of hours formulating and developing each product until it is perfect for every hair texture and is able to fit the seal of approval and fall under the Fruits & Seeds Brand. All Our products are handmade, crafted with love and carefully formulated to properly nourish and care for natural hair of all ages, textures and porosities. Every product was made to nourish the hair in every season. Enjoy!

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